• The start of Cate’s Journey to Wellness.

    I started this website and blog because I wanted to share my personal experience of how I turned my diabetes around and how I became healthier with the book the Diabetes Solution and the Doctor’s TV show.

    My journey to wellness started when I wrote to the Doctors TV Show a few years ago and asked them for help.  I was frustrated because I was obese and my blood sugar was out of control.  I was doing everything wrong because I was confused by the media that was promoting unhealthy foods that were suppose to be healthy and it didn’t help that I have a husband whose favorite restaurant is Weinersnitzel!

    I have a teaching credential in Health Education with a minor in Dance but haven’t danced or exercised regularly much in the last 25 years. My focus has been raising a special needs child who struggled through school with ADD and I have a very hard working husband AND and I own a busy health and safety training business.  My focus has been on my business and my family, but not much on myself.

    When I e-mailed the Doctors TV Show, I was desperate and so ready for a change!  So, when they called me last September and I asked me to do this, I was so ready to get started! I was a Health Educator that wanted to start looking healthy!

    I went to Dr. Jorge Rodriguez, the co-author of the Diabetes Solution on October 09, 2014.  He gave me a basic physical and ran blood tests to for my A1C to test my blood glucose levels.  I was 45 lbs. overweight and my A1C had tested at 8.3 in August, 2014 and this time my A1C came in at 8.0.  At the time, my doctors had me on 2000mg. of Metformin and was considering additional medications, including insulin.  My A1C had been high for years.  The Metformin had brought it down from a A1C, 9.5 in 2008 but it has stayed mostly around 8.0 since I was first diagnosed in 2008. (I suspect I have had diabetes since my pregnancy with my son in 1993).

    I went on the Doctors TV show on October 16.  Dr. Jorge reduced my medication to half (1000 mg.) and I started the “Blood Sugar Budget” that’s in the book that Susan Wyler, was co-author of the Diabetes Solution.  I started the Blood Sugar Budget on Monday, October 27 and my daily blood sugar checks show that it dropped dramatically just after one week. My daily blood tests were showing normal reads (90 before breakfast)!  Dr. Jorge tested me again on December 4 and my A1C had dropped to 6.8!

    Dr. Jorge got a little excited in January, 2015 and tried to take me off the medication but I wasn’t exercising daily and my own doctor did a blood test that showed my glucose levels had risen a bit to 7.2 and I wasn’t losing weight.  So, Dr. Jorge and Susan decided to put me back on one-quarter of my original dosage of Metformin (500mg) as of February 3 (my 61st birthday) and I continue on that dose to this day.

    My ultimate goal is to conquer this diabetes by lowering my A1C and getting it to normal levels, ideally below a A1C 6.0.  I hope that after I lose more weight (another 20 lbs.), I will eventually be able to go without medication and manage my blood sugar naturally, with proper nutrition and exercise.  I would like to start teaching my dance exercise again.  So, my journey isn’t over yet!  Hopefully, I can eventually get off the medication completely.

    The Diabetes Solution and Blood Sugar Budget has been my answer to reducing my blood sugar naturally without medication.  Unfortunately, many people believe that low-fat diets, artificial sweeteners and restricting calories is the way to lose weight.  That’s why so many people are developing metabolic syndrome and eventually diabetes.  I am proof that you can reduce your blood sugar naturally with the Blood Sugar Budget that promotes healthy oils and fats to manage blood sugar with walking and other aerobic exercise.


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