Physical Wellness

I have a teaching credential in Health Education with a minor in Dance.  My physical wellness has been challenging as a Health Educator since the birth of my son 23 years ago.  I had neglected my health and had become obese.  I had become a Type 2 diabetic when I was pregnant and continued to struggle with it because I was focusing on taking care of my husband and son but not myself.  I feel very lucky that the Doctors TV Show the book "The Diabetes Solution" helped me turn my diabestes around and look my healthiest. 

I first appeared on the show on November 5, 2014, before I lost weight and then on the second show that aired on May 12.  I had lost over 20 lbs. and have lowered my A1C to a healthy level (below 7) without the use of medication!  Now I am healthier and actually look like a Health Educator!

My focus is total wellness now and a U.S. Wellness Company helps me reach with that goal.  Call me @ (760)738-3700 to learn more!

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