Environmental Wellness

The total wellness concept focuses on the wellness of our environments in our homes, workplaces and our planet too. I love helping people avoid poisoning that can come from breathing, absorbing and even ingesting poisons from many grocery-store brands, even those who proclaim to be safe in marketing campaigns like Simple Green, Lysol and Clorox wipes! Many grocery store brands aren't safe and are actually harming us and our families and polluting our planet too!

I am thankful to have found a U.S. Wellness Company that manufactures 500+ wellness products made from natural and non-poisonous ingredients. I want to stay healthy and avoid poisonous products such as harmful cleaners and other household products. That's why I would love to tell you about this company. Their products are eco-friendly and safer for our children and families.

Like to learn more? Give me a call @ (760)738-3700.

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